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i think he is taking this pretty serious since he knows the whole dance

Just killing it

I sincerely hope that he keeps being so fantastic.

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This time around, Raikkonen does have one
key advantage. Whereas in his previous stint
at Ferrari, he was alongside the popular and
well-established Felipe Massa, he is now
partnering Alonso, who has done a few things
that have not endeared him to some in the team.

The infamous public rebuke the Spaniard received
from Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo –
ostensibly because of a quip about wanting to
have his rivals’ cars as a birthday present, but
more likely to be connected to the emergence,
probably deliberate, of the possibility of a move
to Red Bull being discussed – was a watershed
Alonso had built up such a power base
at Ferrari that some in the paddock only halfjokingly
described him as the real team principal.

After all this, Raikkonen’s straightforwardness
may come as a breath of fresh air.

There is no doubt Alonso will do everything
he can to reassert himself. This will include
doubling his efforts in terms of his own
workload, something that could be one of the
main benefts Ferrari expected by bringing
Raikkonen in. His presence will unquestionably
keep Alonso on his toes.

Raikkonen has the advantage of having
actually won a world championship for Ferrari,
unlike Alonso.
Kimi is well-liked by team
principal Stefano Domenicali, who played a key
part in persuading di Montezemolo to re-sign
him, and he has plenty of supporters on the shop
foor at Maranello.


- Edd Straw.Autosport 13.02.2014 (via kimi7fanforlife)


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" Kimi is more mature, more experienced, very close to the team: he have already come and and will come back to Maranello basically every week. A driver aware of his skills.Kimi knows in which team he is, he knows that this is a very important challenge for him, he knows that it has to do with a champion like Fernando."

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